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Engage Customers with Peer Comparisions

Fuel organic customer growth, engagement, and revenue with our suite of social financial tools. Enable customers to track their net worth, monitor their credit report, compare with over 2 million peer benchmarks, and more.
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Become your customers' financial super app

Net Worth Tracking

Enable customers to link all their financial accounts to track their net worth, spending, assets, and credit score.

Gain new insights into customer financial health, identify pivotal life events, and find opportunities to deepen engagement.

Peer Comparisions and Advice

Enable customers to compare finances with more than 2 million peer groups. Identify overspending, high-interest rates, and investment opportunities.

Fuel engagement and user-generated content by enabling customers to chat anonymously with each other and 1-on-1 with coaches.

Recommendations and Rewards

Deliver personalized product offers targeted based on each customer's unqiue data.

Boost conversion rates and revenue 5X using our automated rewards system.


Influence your customers behavior for the BETTER

Your customers are hungry for personalized insights, data, and relevant offers that can help them to make informed financial decisions. They're following financial influencers on social media and constantly thinking about their next money moves. They're curious what their peers are doing to get ahead and how they compare.

Earn their loyalty and business by being their go-to source of trustworthy financial data, tools, and guidance. Our peer comparisons are based on a proprietary panel of more than 18 million Americans – enabling detailed comparisons with more than 2 million peer groups defined by zip code, age, income, and more. These peer comparisons cause people to dramatically change their behaviors based on an independent university study.

Everything your customers need and want...

Net Worth Tracking

Account aggregation from more than 12,000 financial institutions and the option to manually add or adjust accounts when needed.

Cash Flow Projections

Give customers the power of foresight. Our algorithms automatically predict their spending and income to highlight potential shortfalls.

Interest Rate Analysis

Track the interest rates on customer accounts to identify opportunities to save them money.

Account Alerts

Deliver instant transaction alerts to notify customers when their income posts, fees are charged, credit score changes, and more.

Your Data,
Your Environment

Deploy privately within your existing environment

Turnkey integrations with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure make installation fast and secure.

Customer data never leaves your systems

Minimize data transit and safeguard against data misuse and security vulnerabilities.

Empower your team with a single no-code interface

Quick to Launch

Launch in days (not months) with minimal tech resources needed.

Easy To Use

Create and manage all customer communications in one place.

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