Your Status Account is Now Quicken Simplifi.

Our Story

Status was founded in 2016 with a mission of helping people achieve upward mobility by democratizing access to financial data and advice. We created a social personal finance app that enabled more than a million users to anonymously compare finances with peers, crowdsource good advice, and find opportunities to improve their net worth.

Under the hood, Status developed unique capabilities that powered its best-in-class PFM, including a Peer Benchmarking System that aggregated the finances of 18 million Americans, a sophisticated Customer Engagement Engine that delivered the right insights and offers to users, and a Virtual Coaching Platform that enabled advisors to reach new customers at scale.

Today, Status Money’s technology powers customer-facing applications for financial institutions, affiliate marketing platforms, and CRM systems. We enable businesses to deliver personalization at scale and engage their customers with a suite of tools that help them navigate their increasingly complex lives.

Our methods have evolved, but our goal remains unchanged: to improve people’s lives by ensuring they have access to industry-leading tools and relevant information.